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Jungle Adventurer is Home Front’s most popular wooden climbing frame. Similar to the Canyon clubhouse, but scaled up to a 1.5m high deck, providing challenging sliding and climbing.

The base package features:

  • Clubhouse with two walls
  • Heavy-duty vinyl tent top

Choose from the options below to configure your own climbing frame, or see our Jungle Adventurer packages…

We will check the layout of your climbing frame to make sure that there are no conflicts in safety. We check to make sure that everything you want will fit, that there are no gaps and that it does what you want it to do.
We will contact you prior to us ordering your chosen climbing frame, confirming the layout, the delivery and whether you want us to assemble it for you.
If you wish to talk through any of the available options please feel free to call us for advice.
We can quote you to have the frame assembled in your garden.
If this is to be a self-build, full instructions are supplied and we are here on the phone to help should you need us. Please remember that if you are reaching for a saw you have made an error in the build. Call us before you start cutting!



h: 3.4m (deck height: 1.5m, standing height: 1.8m) w: 1.4m d: 1.4m

Getting up

Choose a method to access the clubhouse from the ground:

Getting down

Choose a pole(s) and/or slide(s):

Base fort

Add an under clubhouse base fort, featuring timber full height walls, two windows and an opening door with latch.

Swing beams

Choose a swing beam

1 position beam (one side) (£138.00)

1+1 position beam (one on each side) (£180.00)

2 position swing beam (two swings on one side) (£415.00)

Ladder beam (monkey bar on swing beam) (£575.00)

Tyre swing beam (includes tyre on chains) (£555.00)


Choose your swing(s). Includes chains.

Sling swing – green (£40.00)

Sling swing – blue (£40.00)

Sling swing – red (£40.00)

Sling swing – yellow (£40.00)

Heavy duty flat swing (black) (£54.00)

Toddler swing with front safety chain – green (£69.00)

Toddler swing with front safety chain – blue (£69.00)

Toddler swing with front safety chain – yellow (£69.00)

Infant swing with enclosed bucket seat – green (£69.00)

Infant swing with enclosed bucket seat – blue (£69.00)

Infant swing with enclosed bucket seat – yellow (£69.00)

Buoy ball with hardwood bar – green (£175.00)

Buoy ball with hardwood bar – red (£175.00)

Metal swing boat (green) (£170.00)

Duo glider (plastic two seater in green) (£195.00)

Nest swing (1.2m requires two position swing beam) (£545.00)

Solid wood bench swing (requires two position swing beam) (£585.00)

Gym rings – green (£30.00)

Gym rings – yellow (£30.00)

Trapeze bar – green (£35.00)

Trapeze bar – yellow (£35.00)

Gym rings and trapeze bar combo – green (£45.00)

Gym rings and trapeze bar combo – yellow (£45.00)

Roof upgrades

Comes with canvas roof(s) as standard. If you’d prefer a wooden roof, select how many below (one for each clubhouse).

Wooden roof upgrade (£220.00)


Comes with two side walls as standard. If more walls are required (i.e. next to a slide or a ladder, or to block the end), please select from below.

Half wall (£130.00)

Whole wall (£130.00)


Make the most of your clubhouse with these extras…

Sandboxes and water play

Fix a sand/water play box under the clubhouse (sand not included)

Under club house dens

Create a special ‘quiet’ place under the clubhouse deck with a den…

Add a nameplate

Add a solid timber nameplate with routered and filled lettering up to 25 characters.

Finishing touches

Product Description

Jungle Adventurer is Home Front’s most popular wooden climbing frame. Similar to the Canyon clubhouse, but scaled up to a 1.5m high deck, providing challenging sliding and climbing.


h: 3.4m (deck height: 1.5m, standing height: 1.8m) w: 1.4m d: 1.4m

Home Front’s Jungle Adventurer wooden climbing frame is made from top quality timber, which is kiln dried, treated, then dried again.

Known for their exceptional strength and durability, Home Front’s wooden climbing frames offer a high specification that will last throughout childhood and beyond. Manufactured in Wiltshire, the Jungle Adventurer climbing frame is carefully designed and built to offer the best quality and value in the climbing frame market today.

Home Front’s warranty means the timber is guaranteed against failure caused by rot or insect attack for as long as you own the climbing frame. There is also a 12 month warranty on all parts against failure due to defects in material or workmanship.


Key features:

  • 4×4 for clubhouse posts
  • 6×2 four-way deck joists
  • Massive 6×4 swing beams
  • Wood on wood construction for double security
  • Wall units with planks inside rails (not screwed on outside)
  • Double 4×4 swing support
  • Commercial-quality swing hangers
  • Recessed, stainless steel hardware
  • Swings on chains for longer life
  • Extra thick vinyl tent tops
  • Heavy duty swing seats
  • Fully-rounded timber edges
  • Round easy-climb ladder rungs
  • Thick, soft-feel cargo net rope
  • 2×6 deck and bridge planks


Delivery to mainland England and Wales

Orders over £750:

Orders over £10:

Orders under £10:

Delivery to Scotland and Northern Ireland

Deliveries to Northern Ireland and some areas of Scotland will incur a courier surcharge. Please contact us with your postcode for a delivery price.

Deliveries outside mainland UK and express delivery options

For deliveries outside of mainland UK and details of our express delivery services please contact us for a quote.

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