Cacoon Tent - Hanging Tent

Cacoon Tent Hanging tents are iconic, comfortable and lots of fun.

Come to the Toy Barn on the Dorset – Somerset border to try out the iconic hanging tent / Cacoon made by Hang-in-out.
The Hang-in-out Cacoon is designed in three sizes, Large Cacoon, Single Cacoon and the Bonsai Cacoon we normally have two on display at any one time for you to chill in. The Cacoon was designed for adults but is fantastic for kids of any age.

We make our own Cacoon tent wooden stand, look at the Orchard single swing. This is designed with the Cacoon tent in mind, it will take the weight and the size of the Cacoon tents. You can also attach a swing seat when the Cacoon tent is not in use.

The Cacoon tent, Hanging tent is easy to put together and perfect for indoors making a cool space in any room to chill in. Hang your Cacoon tent outside in the garden or on a picnic. The Cacoon hanging tent is light and assembles in less than 5 minutes, so put it in the car and take it with you.
Anchor it by the four toggles to keep it facing the sun and – or away from the wind and you can spend all day outside enjoying your garden in a comfort.

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